5 ways to make your desk job more fun (for the gamer)

6 08 2010




5. Change everyone’s default email alert sound to be the “1-up” sound from Super Mario Bros.







4. Dress up as your favorite video game character at the end of each week or during your “casual” day.








3. Bake a cake for the entire office that is a replica of the Portal cake.  For authenticity, you should include the following ingredients:

fish shaped crackers
fish shaped candies
fish shaped solid waste
fish shaped dirt
fish shaped Ethel benzine
pull n’ peel licorice
fish shaped volatile organic compounds
and sediment shaped sediment




2. Instead of please say “Would you kindly?” anytime you need something done.







1. Call in sick and play your favorite video game all day at home.



Your Brain on Video Games

26 07 2010

Your Brain on Video Games.png

It’s been a while since I decided to actually do a drawing, so I did one.  It kind of morphed into a mixed media project when I started coloring it in and added the image.  This piece is supposed to inspire thoughts about how games are reflected onto ourselves.  And if you let them, how games can become who you are and how you live. 

As for any other symbolism, I will let you decide for yourself what you see in the piece.  I was glad to be able to draw something of worth, and was very pleased with the final result.  Glad I have some peeps to share it with.

On another note, be on the lookout for a new CVGN video.  I plan on reviewing Mega Man 64.  I have the script written up and the video captured, just have to record myself, (my least favorite part).  So be sure to check out www.youtube.com/cleanvideogamenerd sometime in the current week.

Till next time, later peeps!