Captain Nintendo

1 10 2010


Captain Nintendo once started as a Nintendo Fanboy.  After being pulled into the T.V. by mysterious forces, he gained supernatural powers.  The ability to fly, shoot laser beams from his eyes and continue whenever he deems fitting, Captain Nintendo is the ultimate superhero.

People Change

28 07 2010

People change,    Eye of the storm3
that is a lie,
because people can’t see,
a sky blue sky.

A sky so clear,
there are stars in the day,
or a sky so dark,
that all is turned gray.

People change,
this is untrue,
since no one can see,
a sky so blue.

It twists and it taunts,
it bends and folds,
while casting jolts,
through streaks of gold.

People change,
this is a fact,
as true as a sky,
that never turns black.

Road to Salvation (Cheesy Title I know)

5 01 2010

End of December Pieces

30 12 2009

Just a few pieces that I have done recently.


8 11 2009

I went to the Lubbock Comic-Con today, and I must say it was AWESOME!  I met a lot of great artist’s there and the costume contest was a blast.  I only walked away with one piece of memorobilia though, a preview of the comic, Vault.  They aparently work closely with Will Terrel and I don’t doubt for a minute that they are from the Lubbock Sketch Club.  Anywho, I really enjoyed their style that used dark tones and moody scenes.  My entry for the DAP today is actually a character named “The Arsonist” from the Vault Comic preview. 

The Arsonist


6 11 2009



4 11 2009

Faster than a speeding mouse, more powerful than a bag of Cheetohs, able to leap onto your kitchen table in a single bound, its CatMan!